Travel By Connie was started to help you enjoy the wonders of the world without the hassle that can sometimes come with booking overseas travel. We like to make sure you have every last detail taken care of so all your have to decide is what you are going to wear on your next trip. Travel in luxury and style with Travel By Connie. 

          Connie Bachman of Travel By Connie In Columbia Sc

Meet Connie Bachman                  

Owner and namesake of Travel by Connie, Connie Bachman loves to travel. She takes comfort in knowing every single client is well taken of before each trip. She can even show you how to best pack your bag to save money on checked luggage. 

Welcome Alessandra!

Travel by Connie is proud to welcome the newest addition to the travel agency, My daughter Alessandra~ 

My name is Alessandra Page and I love to travel! Growing up in a house full of travel agents it was hard not to love the experiences that come along with visiting a new place, especially with the ones I love. Years later and my lifestyle still consist of traveling! Whether it be to see my family or moving to a new state, traveling has not only been a passion of mine but, a lifestyle. Following in my families footsteps, I am here to help with your trips!

Travel is a passion and it shows.

Connie and Alessandra love being able to help you make that trip of a lifetime a reality. Their favorite part is hearing your wonderful stories about your trip, they get to travel the world through you! 

Whether you are planning a trip to reconnect with your family or looking to experience the destination of your choice. Connie and her team is here to help. With their vast knowledge they is able to assist you with the best options to fit your specific needs and make this trip one to remember.

Don't wait, get out of dodge today. 

To find out how Travel By Connie can be of service to you, please contact us and one of our agents will gladly assist you.