Oberammergau Passion Play

Did you know that every 10 years the small city of Oberammergau, Germany pays homage to God in a pretty amazing way?

That’s right, this beautiful town located off the Ammer River known for woodcarvers and their woodcarving is known worldwide for it 380-year tradition of mounting the Oberammergau Passion Play.    

What is the Passion Play?

Well in 1633 the villagers of this small town vowed to God they would honor him if he spared their small town from the Bubonic Plaque that ravaged the area the year before.  They promised would produce a play that depicted the life and death of Jesus in honor of his gift of health from this devastating disease.  In 1634, the death rates dropped drastically to a low as 1 death a month during an outbreak in the region. They believed they had been speared and to honor their vow the play was produced and performed for the first time in their history.  It is still performed to this day, every 10 years to pay homage to God. 

The play is now performed for about 5 months every year ending in zero.  The performers are all villagers who take this production very seriously.  They even have a beard decree that begins on Ash Wednesday the year before.  This basically states that actors are to grow their hair and for men beards after this date for authenticity of their roles.  The actors say that this also helps them to grow into their role. 

Check it off your bucket list with Travel By Connie! 

I am so excited to be going to see and share in this amazing experience for the 42nd Annual Passion Play. I love history and am very passionate about my spirituality. So, this trip will give me a bit of both. I will be able to fulfill myself spiritually by seeing first hand how this small village in Southern Bavaria has never forgotten their vow to God. I started my travel career in the 1990’s and learned about this fascinating experience a few years later. Going through my first season of travelers experiencing this trip, it was a joy to hear the stories about their trips when they returned. After listening to several of my clients talk about this charming little town I was hooked and knew I would go one day. Now my time is finally here. I will be traveling in August of 2020 to Europe and this little experience is on the top of my list. It is crowded during this time and it is not for the traveler who does not like crowds. The play itself is long and lasts for about 8 hours including intermission, so one would need to plan for the day in the city. It starts in the early afternoon continue into the evening.

Book your trip to Germany Today! 

If you would like to go let me know! We are booking now, and I would love to help people experience this amazing trip. To see the love and history presented by this village and its residents. There are so many ways to visit and enjoy the play, from traveling to the area for a day or two and doing an independent trip before or after. You can also join a guided tour and experience not only the Passion Play but also some other wonderful cities in Europe that will leave you wanted to go back for more. Regardless, I am excited to be joining the many American travelers checking this one off our bucket lists and would love to have you join us! Auf Wiedersehen  ~ Connie